About Dr. Meg

For more than 25 years, I have been a developer of people and organizations. Focusing on the core issues of personal behavior and individual values- character, communication, empowerment, vision, values, establishing goals, and personal accountability - I provide a comprehensive and personalized coaching experience for individuals and work groups.

I’ve been helping people achieve their goals for over 20 years; working extensively with individuals and organizations. During my career, I have presented several training sessions and workshops about personal development, program development, cultural diversity and sensitivity, women’s issues, motivation, self-esteem and empowerment.

I also have an extensive background working with young people, adults, couples, and organizations, providing assistance in the areas of conflict analysis and mediation, organizational behavior, team building, personal development and personal relationships. I seek to inspire people who face challenges in their life; by partnering with them, I  provide encouragement and support by creating a space of honesty and truth. It is through this space that people gain greater access to their individual power, make better life decisions and begin to understand the truth within them. I truly believe in helping others achieve the life of their dreams!!

I have a strong belief that people are whole and capable, with their own unique set of strengths. I choose to focus on the belief that every one of us has a Spirit of Courage – but not all of us recognize it because of limiting beliefs. Rather than focusing on deficits, I adopt a personal growth model, which focuses instead on potential and possibility.

How I Use Coaching to Enhance Your Life

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